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As a Comcast customer, you can have several identifying credentials for various purposes, starting with a unique account number tied to your billing address. Your account number can also have some associated Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) depending on which Comcast services you have including:

  • Parental Control PIN to lock and unlock cable programming
  • Security PIN to verify your identity when you contact customer support
  • Voice PIN to manage your voicemail

You will also have a primary XFINITY username and password if you have Internet service with us or if you have created one to manage your account online.

Account Number

  • What is it: One number associated with your billing address, with an associated Security PIN.
    • Note: Security PIN required for XFINITY Voice customers only.
  • What you can use it for:
    • Managing your account on the phone.
    • Creating an XFINITY username to manage your services online.
  • Where to find it: Always on the top-right corner of your bill.
  • How to get it: Assigned automatically when you sign up for your first Comcast service.

Primary XFINITY Username

  • What is it: A username and password with a secret question and answer for password recovery. There is one primary XFINITY username for each account number.
  • What you can use it for:
    • Managing your account online.
    • Using online features you subscribe to, including watching TV online, managing your DVR online, checking email and listening to voicemail.
    • Using XFINITY mobile apps.
  • Where to find it: Use the online XFINITY username recovery lookup tool.
  • How to get it: Created for you when you activate XFINITY Internet service; or you can create a primary XFINITY username online.

Account Numbers and PINs

  • Your most basic credential as a Comcast customer is your account number. This is found in the top right corner of each bill you receive and there is exactly one of them for each billing address. Your account number is created when you sign up for any Comcast service, does not change, and is only used to pay your bill and to speak on the phone with our support team, or to manually create your primary XFINITY username online if one has not already been created for you.
  • If you have XFINITY Voice service, your account number also is associated with a single Security PIN, used to identify yourself over the phone when you call us.
    • For security reasons, Comcast cannot manually change your Security PIN. If you would like to change your Security PIN, you can log in to My Account or XFINITY Connect.
    • In addition, each phone number on your account will have a Voice PIN to log in to voicemail via phone.
  • As noted above, your account can also have a few other PINs, which are different from your Security PIN.
  • If you have TV service with us, your Parental Control PIN can be used to restrict access to content. For information on parental controls, see:
  • If you have the XFINITY on the X1 Entertainment Operating System and use the TV applications, such as the voicemail app, you may also have an Application PIN. Your Application PIN is the touchtone keypad equivalent of the first four characters of your XFINITY username's password.
    • For example, if your XFINITY username's password is "Comcast", your Application PIN would be "Comc" or "2662" on your keypad.
    • For symbols and special characters use the "1" key.

XFINITY Usernames and Passwords

  • Online, your account number is associated with XFINITY usernames for each person on your account. Each XFINITY username has a contact email address, a password and a secret question and answer (in case you lose your password).
  • The main XFINITY username for your account is called your primary XFINITY username. This is the username you can use to pay your bill, manage your services and manage the secondary XFINITY usernames on your account for other members of your home.
  • If you're an XFINITY Internet customer, your primary XFINITY username was created when you activated your XFINITY Internet service. If you don't have one, you can create a primary XFINITY username online using your account number or the last four digits of your social security number plus your date of birth. The primary XFINITY username can create new secondary XFINITY usernames using My Account.
  • With an XFINITY username, you can take full advantage of the benefits your XFINITY services have to offer:
    • My Account: Sign in to My Account to pay your bill, manage appointments, troubleshoot technical issues, chat with an expert on Twitter or request a call back. And with the XFINITY My Account app, you can manage your account anytime, anywhere with no lines and no waiting.
    • XFINITY TV Go Online and XFINITY TV Go App: If you are an XFINITY TV customer, you can take your XFINITY entertainment with you, anywhere you go. Watch thousands of XFINITY On Demand TV shows and movies online with XFINITY TV Go or on your mobile device with the XFINITY TV Go app, plus stream over 50 of your favorite networks live.*
    • DVR Manager: With the XFINITY DVR Manager, you can schedule and manage your DVR recordings from anywhere.
    • TV Everywhere: View additional programming content from partner websites with TV Everywhere on network websites and apps.
    • XFINITY Connect App: Stay connected at home and on the go with the XFINITY Connect app. Easily check your email and if you have XFINITY Voice service, you can access your home phone voicemails, have free talk and text over WiFi and more on all of your wireless devices.
    • XFINITY WiFi: If you're an XFINITY Internet customer, stay connected at millions of hotspots nationwide with XFINITY WiFi, the country's largest, fastest WiFi network.

If you forget your XFINITY username, use the online XFINITY username recovery lookup tool. Also, if you forget your password you can reset it with our Password Reset Tool or chat with a Comcast Customer Service Representative.

*Disclaimer: XFINITY On Demand services are not available in all areas. If you reside in an area that does not offer XFINITY On Demand through your set-top box, you will not have access to XFINITY On Demand content online through the XFINITY TV Go website (, XFINITY TV website ( or XFINITY mobile apps.

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