Support Settings Change Your Primary User


A primary user has full access to an account's features and controls the permissions for secondary users. 

On the My Account page of, Transfer primary user allows you to make a secondary account your new primary account. Your old primary account will become a secondary account and will lose:

  • the ability to create and manage secondary accounts
  • the ability to manage some product features
  • the ability to view and pay bills unless granted permission by the new primary user
  • access to online voicemail (if you have XFINITY Voice) until the new primary user reinstates your access

To change a secondary user to the primary user:

  1. Sign in to My Account as the primary user.
    My Account sign-in page
  2. Click the Users & Preferences tab at the top of the page. 
    The top of the My Account page with the Users and Preferences tab on right side of page
  3. Select the username you want to make the new primary user. 
    Users and Preferences: The Primary and secondary names are available as username for primary user as well as an option to add a user..
  4. Click the Edit Permissions link under user’s Permissions. 
    Edit Permissions link highlighted beneath the Pay Bills icon
  5. Add all available permissions and click Save
    Set permissions screen. "May access basic settings in My Account" and "May view and pay bills" selected
  6. When applicable, accept the terms and click OK.
  7. Click the tab of the primary user.
  8. Under Username, choose Transfer primary user.
    "Transfer primary user" selected under "Username"
  9. Select the secondary user from the drop-down menu and enter the secondary user's password. Click Confirm
    Screen illustrating secondary user selection and password entry

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