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CableCARD-ready devices can be purchased at retail stores, but the CableCARD, which is necessary to activate XFINITY TV service, is provided by Comcast.

CableCARD Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CableCARD?
A CableCARD is a one-way device roughly the size of a credit card that can be used with a compatible device to access XFINITY TV services without leasing a Comcast set-top box or DTA. Comcast supports CableCARD compatible devices, such as TiVo, Ceton or Silicondust equipment; and CableCARD-ready televisions. If you subscribe to XFINITY TV service, you have the option of purchasing a CableCARD-compatible device from a retailer or you can lease a Comcast set-top box or DTA. To get a CableCARD, see How to Get a CableCARD.

CableCARD Examples:
Motorola CableCARD

Scientific Atlanta CableCARD

Why is Comcast offering CableCARDs?
If you do not have a Comcast set-top box or DTA, you will need a CableCARD to access XFINITY TV service. Comcast provides CableCARDs for both professional installation and self-installation. Comcast is committed to working with manufacturers of retail devices, including manufacturers of CableCARD devices, in order to provide our customers with more choices to access and enjoy XFINITY TV services. Comcast will continue to support retail CableCARD compatible devices well into the future.

Comcast guarantees a superior customer experience by courteous and dedicated service professionals. We are here for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer questions at your convenience and to provide personalized help with the equipment in your home. Visit our Get Help & Support page or contact us with any questions about your CableCARD.

If I have a CableCARD, do I still need my digital set-top box or DTA to get digital cable?
You may choose to use a CableCARD-compatible device instead of a Comcast set-top box or DTA in order to access XFINITY TV services.

Can I access the same features and services with a CableCARD that I currently enjoy with my digital cable service?
Retail devices which support CableCARDs (like TiVo) have their own set of supported features, including on-screen program guides and DVR service (if supported, DVR service may require a separate subscription) that are supported by the retail device manufacturer. All channels that are part of your XFINITY TV subscription service will be available. Some retail devices also support additional services*. Please refer to your owner's manual or manufacturer's website for additional information on your device.

*Certain TiVo devices (Premier and Roamio model set-top boxes) have access to XFINITY On Demand service. For more information on TiVo devices, please visit the TiVo website.

Do CableCARDs offer Parental Controls?
Parental Controls give you the power to decide what content is appropriate for your children, and easily control what they watch, even when you are not around. Currently CableCARDs do not have Parental Control functionality, although Comcast does pass V-Chip data to the CableCARD device. V-chip is a generic term for technology used in television set receivers which allows the blocking of programs by ratings that are content-based. Please review the owner's manual for your CableCARD-compatible device to learn what Parental Control functionality may be available.

Will a CableCARD work with the picture-in-picture functionality of my digital cable-ready TV?
No. A TV set-top box, whether from Comcast, TiVo or another provider, performs the tuning function for the incoming TV signal. Because of this, picture-in-picture functionality on a TV is typically not compatible with a set-top box.

Why does my On-Screen Guide look different from the digital cable set-top box guide?
CableCARD compatible retail devices often use a guide specific to the manufacturer, which is different from the guide provided by Comcast. As a result, the guide content from the manufacturer may not always match Comcast's guide. For more information about your guide functionality and features, please consult the owner's manual for your CableCARD compatible device.

Will I be charged to use a CableCARD?
Equipment (including a CableCARD) is included for the primary outlet on your account as part of your XFINITY TV service package. Similarly, a CableCARD is included as part of the additional outlet service fee if you are using a retail CableCARD device on the additional outlet.

Will I receive an equipment credit if I use my own CableCARD-compatible retail device?
If you own a CableCARD compatible device with an activated CableCARD and subscribe to an XFINITY TV service package that includes equipment as a part of the service, you will receive a monthly equipment credit of $2.50 for each CableCARD-compatible retail device on your account. To learn more, see our Customer Owned Equipment Policy.

What are the fees associated with additional television outlets?
If you subscribe to an XFINITY TV service level above Limited Basic and you have multiple televisions connected to your XFINITY TV service, there will be an additional monthly service charge for your additional television outlets; regardless of whether you lease CableCARD equipment from Comcast or provide your own retail devices.

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