Support XFINITY TV Your Digital Set-Top Box and 3D Programming


It’s easy to find out if you can get 3D programming with your set-top box. This document lists the HD and HD/DVR set-top boxes that can receive 3D programming.

Note: If you don’t have XFINITY on the X1 Entertainment Operating System or 1 of the HD or HD/DVR set-top boxes pictured below, you’ll need to swap your box for 1 shown here in order to receive 3D programming.

3D-Capable HD Set-Top Boxes

Motorola DCX3200
HD set top box - Motorola DCX3200

Cisco (Scientific Atlanta) RNG150
HD set top box - Cisco RNG150

Pace RNG110
HD set-top box - Pace RNG110
Samsung RNG150
HD set top box - Samsung RNG150

3D-Capable HD/DVR Set-Top Boxes

Motorola DCX3400 or DCX3416
HD/DVR set top box - Motorola DCX3400 or DCX3416

Cisco (Scientific Atlanta) RNG200
HD/DVR set top box - Cisco RNG200

TiVo Series 3
TiVo Series 3 (HD/DVR)

TiVo Premiere & Premiere XL
TiVo Premiere and Premiere XL (HD/DVR)

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