Support XFINITY TV Troubleshoot Your Remote Control


Is your Comcast remote not working as you expected? Instructions for programming your remote are included with the remote. You can also use our online tool or view and dowload a remote manual, with includes instructions for programming the remote.

Before you program it

Your remote control will automatically work with your Comcast cable box. But you’ll need to program the remote for it to work with your TV. To confirm that you have programmed your remote control, make sure your remote can:

  • Change the channels on your cable box.
  • Control the volume of your TV.
  • Turn your TV on and off.

After you Program it

If your remote control doesn’t work after you have programmed it:

  • Press the Cable button on your remote to make sure the remote is in Cable Mode.
  • Make sure there is nothing between the remote and the receiver that would block the signal. Aim the remote directly at the receiver's front panel, not at the TV, VCR, or DVD.
  • Stand directly in front of the TV and receiver to reduce the angle between the remote and the receiver.
  • Firmly press and release buttons on the remote one at a time.
  • Change channels using the buttons on the receiver's front panel.
  • Replace the batteries in the remote.
  • If your remote doesn't work after trying all of the above, you may need a replacement. Contact us to request a new remote or for other troubleshooting guidance.

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