Support XFINITY TV Encryption of Limited Basic Services FAQs


This article details frequently asked questions regarding the encryption of our basic services in the Florida area and customer eligibility for new equipment.

Note: This only applies to our customers in the Florida area.

About Encryption of Basic Services

Why do I need a device now when I haven’t needed one in the past?
We are encrypting our Limited Basic channels, which will result in the scrambling of those signals. As a result, a digital device is required on every TV in order to unscramble the signals and permit you to view your services.

What does it mean when you say you are encrypting Limited Basic channels?
Encryption encodes programming so that individuals cannot view it without authorization and payment. In addition, encryption allows us to automate certain system functions and will reduce the need for scheduled in-home appointments, providing greater convenience for our customers.

What equipment do I need to ensure that I will continue to see Limited Basic service once encryption is complete?
You will need a set-top box, Digital Terminal Adapter (DTA) or a CableCARD-enabled device on each TV in your home to ensure you will see Limited Basic service once encryption is complete.

What will the DTAs cost?
Limited Basic customers who currently do not have equipment on their account are eligible for up to two DTAs at no charge for two years (five years if you also receive Medicaid) if you request DTAs during the equipment offer period at or around the time of encryption.

Customers who subscribe to a higher level of service and receive Limited Basic service on a secondary TV without Comcast-supplied equipment are eligible for one device at no charge for one year.

DTAs available under this offer must be ordered during the equipment offer period, which begins 30 days before the date of encryption and ends 120 days after encryption. A notice will be sent to all customers informing them of their eligibility and the start of the offer period for their system.

Otherwise, up to three DTAs are currently available to Limited Basic customers at no charge (fewer if there is other digital equipment on the account). Afterwards the current price for DTAs for Limited Basic customers is $.50 per device per month. All other customers currently pay a $1.99 - $2.99 per month additional outlet service charge for each outlet registered to a DTA.

What happens after two years of receiving my DTA at no cost?
Local market pricing will apply after the two-year period. You will receive a notification 30 days prior to these charges being applied to your account.

What are the differences between a set-top box and a DTA?
A set-top box processes digital-quality signals. With this box, you can view the XFINITY On-Screen Guide, XFINITY On Demand programming, Pay Per View (PPV) content, all available channels you subscribe to regardless of your service package and approximately 40 commercial-free music channels.

A DTA also provides digital-quality signals. However, when using a DTA, you won’t have access to a guide, PPV content, premium channels or XFINITY On Demand programming and viewable channels vary based on your level of service.

About New Equipment Installation/Eligibility

I don't really want any more equipment.
Equipment will be required to view all of the video programming to which you subscribe. This equipment is easy to set up and you may be eligible to receive equipment at no additional monthly charge or service fee for a limited period of time.

How do I order a DTA?
Please call 1-855-860-8989 to order your DTA today.

Can I install the DTA on my own?
Yes; installation instructions are included in the DTA self-installation box. See How to Self-Install XFINITY TV Using a Digital Adapter for the HD version.

Can you please send someone out to install this for me?
Yes, a professional installation is available for an additional charge.

What if I want a set-top box instead of a DTA?
Set-top boxes are available for a regular monthly rate, which varies by area and level of service. Please contact us for more information.

I received the offer for a DTA at no additional charge in the mail, but I would like an additional CableCARD instead. Can I get this as part of the offer?
The promotional offer can be used with DTAs or CableCARDs.

I am a new Comcast customer, and channels were encrypted just before I signed up. Am I eligible for this offer?
Unfortunately, you will not be eligible.

How many devices can I obtain?
There is no limit to how many devices you may order. Additional charges will apply to digital equipment and digital equipment service that exceed the number of devices included in your package. The cost and number of devices will vary by service level.

Can I upgrade to a higher level of service?
You can upgrade to a higher level of service; however, the equipment offers may not apply to the higher level of service.

I’m moving to a new house, will my equipment offer apply to the new account?
If you are moving to an address that is within the same billing area, our transfer procedure may allow equipment pricing to follow you to the new address.

Can I apply the promotional offer to a DTA that I already have?
The offers apply only to new devices added to your Comcast account, to the extent that your account is eligible.

I do not want this device, so I’m returning it.
Customers who do not have digital equipment on their account will not be able to view any channels after Limited Basic channels are encrypted. For this reason, XFINITY TV service will be removed from the account. This may affect multi-product package rates or discounts.

My friend got a DTA with an Ethernet port, but the device I received didn’t have one. Why?
We developed a DTA with an Ethernet port, called an E-DTA (Ethernet-Enabled High Definition Universal Digital Transport Adapter). E-DTAs are designed and lab-tested to work in Comcast cable systems with compatible retail devices. Unfortunately, there are no compatible retail devices in the marketplace at this time. Customers may still use these devices as HD DTAs (the guide will be unavailable), although there is no need to plug anything into the Ethernet port.

I just had an HD DTA installed, and I noticed that it has an Ethernet port. Can I plug my modem or anything else into this?
Nothing should be plugged into the Ethernet port on your device. Some of our devices have these ports, but there are no compatible retail devices that can be used with this port at this time.

Does any other Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) client retail device (for example, Apple TV) work with a Comcast DTA?
No. Currently, there are no DLNA client retail devices available for purchase that are compatible with Comcast DTAs.

Limited Basic Customers with Medicaid

I am currently on Medicaid, how can I take advantage of the five-year Medicaid discount?
Limited Basic customers who are receiving Medicaid at the time of encryption, and do not have equipment on their account, are eligible for up to two DTAs at no charge for five years, if ordered during the promotional offer period beginning 30 days before the date of encryption and ending 120 days after encryption.

Who do I call if the Medicaid processing team fails to contact me about my eligibility for the Medicaid discount?
The Medicaid processing team should contact you via mail within seven days (approximate). If you do not receive a response, please call 1-855-860-8989.

My grandmother lives with me and receives Medicaid; can I take part in these promotional offers?
No. Only the account holder is eligible for this offer.

Are there discounts on other products or services available to Medicaid eligible customers?
No, this a special equipment offer that applies to customers receiving Medicaid and who may be affected by the encryption of Limited Basic channels.


I would like an HD device instead of an SD device, is this possible?
An HD DTA is available upon request with this offer regardless of your service level.

I currently have an HD service and I want to take advantage of the promotional offer.
Customers who subscribe to HD service at the time of encryption and receive Limited Basic service on a secondary TV without Comcast-supplied equipment are eligible for one device (HD DTA upon request), at no charge for one year if ordered during the promotional offer period, which begins 30 days before the date of encryption and ends 120 days after encryption.

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