Support XFINITY TV The meaning of program ratings like TV-MA and NC-17


Use these ratings along with a V-Chip to set the filter level that’s appropriate for your family.

The TV Parental Guidelines are a voluntary rating system designed by the television industry to give parents information about the content and age-appropriateness of television programs. The Motion Picture Association of America also has a voluntary rating system. These ratings can be used in conjunction with the V-Chip blocking device contained in many television sets to automatically filter out unwanted programs.

Whom to contact about objectionable programming

Because we don’t have any direct control of the specific programs carried by various programmers, we suggest that you contact the network or the programming service directly.

How the V-Chip blocks unwanted content

Each manufacturer's V-Chip works a little differently, but provides generally the same protections. Once you're familiar with the TV Parental Guidelines rating system, activating the V-Chip is simple. Instructions can be found either in your television's on-screen menu options or its owner's manual.  The V-Chip can block programming by age-based category or content label, and can also block motion pictures on premium channels by using the movie rating system.

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