Support XFINITY TV Schedule Recordings with DVR Manager


Using DVR Manager is easy. Just follow these steps.

Scheduling a Recording

Schedule recordings with DVR Manager:

Access DVR Manager:

  1. From your computer, go to From the XFINITY TV Remote app, launch the app.
  2. Sign in using your XFINITY username and password.
  3. Select TV Listings.
  4. From here you may schedule a recording from a program listing or choose Saved to go directly to your DVR Manager page.

Schedule recordings with DVR Manager at least 30 minutes before the show begins.
  1. Click on the program in the grid or search results.
  2. If you have multiple DVRs in your home, select the DVR that you would like to record from. This can be done from Settings
  3. Choose Record or Record Series on the program information screen.
  4. Select your recording options.*
  5. Confirm your options and choose Record Episode or Record Series.*
  6. A confirmation message will display.
* Shown on the XFINITY TV Go website only.

When you’re scheduling a recording, you can choose any DVR on your account. If you want to record the same program or series to more than one DVR in your home, you’ll have to record it separately on each DVR.

Note that DVR Manager won't stop you from setting up recordings for programs or channels to which you don’t subscribe. However, your DVR will only record those programs that are included in the services on your account.

Remote Scheduling

When first scheduling from the web or a mobile device, check your DVR set-top box to verify that it received your instructions. The program will appear in your DVR's scheduled recordings and will show a red Record indicator.

The show’s Program Information Screen and TV Listings will also show the record icon. You can modify the recording by clicking on the Recording Settings.

Viewing Your List of Scheduled Recordings

It’s easy to check your schedule of recordings. 

  1. Select Saved from the XFINITY TV Go website or More on the XFINITY TV Remote app.
  2. Select DVR Manager.
  3. Select Scheduled Recordings. Here, you can review all of your scheduled recordings by day, modify the settings of individual recordings, or cancel a recording.

Moving a Scheduled Recording from One DVR to Another

It’s easy to transfer a scheduled recording from one DVR to another DVR.

  1. Select the scheduled recording from the Scheduled Recordings or Series Priority Manager selections. 
    • On the XFINITY TV Go website, this can be found under Saved.
    • On the XFINITY TV Remote app, this can be found under More > DVR Manager 
  2. Use the option Record On DVR to move to another DVR on your account. 
  3. You will see the scheduled recording disappear from the list and reappear on the DVR you selected.

Changing the Options for Scheduled Recordings

You can change your recording options when you set up the recordings—or after they’ve been scheduled.

If they’ve already been scheduled:

  1. Go to DVR Manager.
  2. Select Scheduled Recordings or Edit Mode depending on your device.
  3. Modify the options for recording a single program in the Scheduled Recordings tab.
  4. Change the options for a series in the Series Priority Manager tab.
  5. You can also cancel the series or episode by selecting Cancel Episode or Cancel Series.

Dealing with Scheduling Conflicts

When you are scheduling your DVR to record programs, you may run into a conflict – that is, you may schedule the DVR to simultaneously record more shows than you have available tuners on your DVR. Take the following steps to avoid missing your favorite shows.

Note: It is recommended that you complete the steps below online or from the DVR set-top box at home.

When scheduling a single show:

  • Click Record This if you want to record this show in the event of a scheduling conflict.
  • Click Don’t Record This if you do not want to record this show in the event of a scheduling conflict.

Note: On the XFINITY TV Remote app, you will need to modify this setting after you schedule the recording.
When scheduling a series:
  • Click High priority if you want to record these episodes in the event of a scheduling conflict.
  • Click Low priority if you do not want to record these episodes in the event of a scheduling conflict.
Note: This setting is not available on the XFINITY TV Remote app.

Solving Scheduling Conflicts with a DVR

If there is a conflict among scheduled recordings, the Priority List will be used to determine what should be recorded first.

If you would like to change the priority of a series in your dual-tuner DVR, take the following steps:

  1. Select Saved on the XFINITY TV Go website or More on the XFINITY TV Remote app.
  2. Select the DVR Manager tab.
  3. Select the Series Priority Manager tab.
  4. Select the series recording you want to change the priority of and reorder the list. 
  5. Click Update Priority or Done

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