Support XFINITY TV About TiVo Series 3


Learn what you need to know about CableCARDs and your TiVo HD box.

Using the TiVo Series 3 Cable Box

Comcast supports the TiVo Series 3 HD cable box. The box will access local and basic cable channels, ATSC digital antenna channels, and analog antenna channels. You will need a CableCARD to access scrambled digital channels.

If you have an HD television, you’ll be able to record in HD and view live or pre-recorded programs in HD. If you don’t have an HD television, your picture will be in standard definition. TiVo Series 3 HD devices use TiVo’s on-screen guide, which differs from the guide we provide. For more information about TiVo’s guide, consult the owner's manual.

Ordering a CableCARD

You can order CableCARDs from Comcast. We provide your first CableCARD at no charge. Additional CableCARDs used for the same device are subject to an additional charge. Note: You’ll need one CableCARD to record one HD digital channel; you’ll need two CableCARDs to record two HD digital channels simultaneously.

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