Support XFINITY TV Hub (DCX 3400M) and Terminal (DCX 3200M) DVRs


If you view a recording on a terminal DVR (DCX 3200M), you won’t be able to delete it on the hub DVR (DCX 3400M) until the recording is no longer in use. Use these tips to troubleshoot other DVR issues that may arise.

Playing Selected Recordings from the Beginning on the Terminal

If your recording was previously viewed on the DCX 3400M (hub), it will resume from the point at which the playback stopped. You can play the recording from the beginning on the DCX 3200M (terminal) by selecting the Restart from the beginning icon on the Program Information screen.

Setting Parental Controls on Both the Hub and Terminal

You’ll need to set your parental controls separately on the terminal (DCX 3200M) and the hub (DCX 3400M) DVR.

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