Support XFINITY TV Troubleshooting for TV Everywhere


This article provides help and troubleshooting tips for TV Everywhere. For information on TV Everywhere, see TV Everywhere on Network Websites and Apps.


Audio and Video Do Not Play At All
Video can take 30-50 seconds to display, or you may be running a content filter, antivirus application, or proxy accelerator that is preventing the streaming of video content. Please turn off these services and try again.
Video Playback Stops or Plays Slowly
Playback should not stop or stall under normal circumstances; however, video delivery may be disrupted during periods of network congestion, poor Internet connections, or when too many computer applications are open at the same time. If video playback stalls, stops or plays slowly, try one or all of the following:

  • Refresh your browser or close your browser and open it again.
  • Drag the rewind button back in time several minutes in the program timeline.
  • Avoid Internet congestion by waiting several minutes before viewing the programming again.
  • Close other computer applications that may be open at the same time.
If the video is still not working properly or is not available, you can view it through the XFINITY TV Go website or through the XFINITY TV Go app on your Android or Apple mobile devices.

Why do I have to install different media players to watch content from different programmers?

Although XFINITY provides access to content through other television content providers, we do not control the requirements for their sites. Each site may require a different media player. In order to watch content through the site of choice, you may be required to download a media player that will play the content on that site.

How to contact someone for help

  • If you forget your Comcast email address or XFINITY username, use our lookup tool.
  • If you forget your password, go to our password recovery tool to recover it.
  • If you are experiencing Internet connection issues with your Comcast service, please see our forums for assistance.
  • For video playback issues with a specific network, please refer to the help and support provided on the specific provider's site (example: if you are experiencing issues with, please refer to their help and support).

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