Support XFINITY TV About Your Digital Cable Tuner


Enjoy your favorite digital programs on your PC.

A digital cable tuner allows you to watch digital programming on PCs equipped with Windows Vista Media Center. These devices require a CableCARD to receive all digital cable and premium channels that you subscribe to. (CableCARDS are available through Comcast.) With a digital cable tuner, you can watch all HD channels in 720p or 1080i; however you won’t be able to access interactive services such as On Demand programming.

Internet Requirements

You can use any Internet service with your digital cable tuner. However, XFINITY Internet has a number of advantages and features not offered by other providers:

  • Fast connection speeds.
  • Norton Security Suite.
  • PowerBoost (to complement your tuner as well as MS Vista).

Regardless of your provider, you must have an active Internet connection when we install your CableCARD.

Note: If your Internet service provider is not Comcast, our installers will be unable to resolve your connection problems. For these issues, you’ll need to contact your Internet Service Provider.

On-screen Guide

Your digital cable tuner uses an on-screen guide specific to Microsoft. For more information on operating the guide, please consult your owner's manual. 

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