Support XFINITY TV Use Search and Record


Set your DVR so you never miss your favorite actor or director.

How to do it

For native/legacy DVR set-top boxes, you can use Search and Record on your DVR menu to record programs that meet your search criteria: actor, director, title, or keyword. Select the auto-record option from the results listing screen to record these programs as they show up in the guide.

For X1 DVRs, see X1: Search Using the Search Bar or X1: Search Using the Remote Keypad for information on how to search for a title, network, person or sports team.

Search and Record is currently only available for your DVR. However, you can view and manage your auto-recording schedules online by using your DVR Manager and change the priority in Series Priority Manager.

You can also set a recording through the XFINITY TV Remote app.  For details, see Use the XFINITY TV Remote App on Mobile Apple and Android Devices.

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