Support XFINITY TV X1: Using the XFINITY My Account App


This article explains how to use the XFINITY My Account app on your set-top box for XFINITY on the X1 Entertainment Operating System.

Launching the Application

The icon for the XFINITY My Account app appears in the Dashboard Apps section of the Apps menu. To select it, highlight it and press OK on your remote control.
The Applications screen is displayed and XFINITY My Account app is selected.

The XFINITY My Account app displays a landing screen that contains a series of tiles representing relevant account and services information. The following four tiles will display different information based on the status of your service:

  • Account Details
  • Billing
  • Appointments

For example, the Billing tile changes messaging based on the status of your bill: No Payment Due, Balance Due, Past Due, etc.
XFINITY My Account app on X1: Account Details tile selected.  The Billing tile reading "No Payment Due" is to the right of this tile.

If you have an appointment scheduled, the Appointment tile displays the date and time of that appointment. Click on the tile to reveal additional details about your appointment.
XFINITY My Account app on X1: Appointments tile selected

Password Protecting the App

Initially, the XFINITY My Account app is made available to everyone in your household using the Apps menu. This means that all account information is displayed to anyone using the app on the set-top box. Should you wish to limit access to the app and its information, you can use the X1 Preferences Portal to enable a PIN challenge for the app. When enabled, you must enter the Apps PIN in order to be able to access the app on the set-top box.

To access the X1 Preferences Portal:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your XFINITY username or email and password.
  3. Select TV App Settings from the Settings tab.
  4. Move the slider next to the My Account app to the right to access and create your PIN.
    The Limit Access to Apps on Your TV menu displays options for the My Account app and the Voicemail app with sliders to enable PIN.

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