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This article provides context on general issues with enabling video description via Second Audio Programming (SAP).

SAP: Secondary Audio Programming

On all XFINITY set-top boxes, video description can be enabled by turning on SAP, which is a secondary language setting that contains the video description audio track. In most cases, the Spanish language setting contains the audio track that includes video description. If you are experiencing an issue with video description, the problem may be due to one of the following issues:

  1. Although it "lives" on the Spanish audio track, video description narration (when available) will be voiced in English, not Spanish.
  2. Turning on SAP enables secondary audio for all channels, regardless of whether video description is available on the program currently airing.
  3. Broadcasters/programmers decide what to place on the secondary audio channel. Although it will often be Spanish language audio, in some cases video description or an alternate language may be present.
  4. Only limited content has video description available. If you turn on SAP for a program that does not have video description, you may hear the default English audio, Spanish audio or no audio at all.
  5. Video description is available on select programs as they air live, on your DVR and on a limited selection of XFINITY On Demand programs.

Further Assistance

The Comcast Accessibility Center of Excellence supports customers experiencing video description issues. For further information or assistance in contacting the Accessibility Center of Excellence, please see Comcast's Accessibility Center of Excellence.

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