Support XFINITY TV Use a CableCARD Instead of a Digital Converter


A CableCARD can be used with TiVo or CableCARD-ready televisions to access our video services without leasing one of our set-top boxes or DTAs.

What Will Happen

Using a CableCARD device instead of a Comcast digital converter means you will only be able to receive one-way digital cable channels and not be able to receive XFINITY On Demand, Pay Per View (PPV), or the interactive programming guide.

If you already have a digital-cable-ready HDTV set, no special set-top box is required to receive HD signals for broadcast channels. These TVs will also receive any XFINITY TV channels that you currently subscribe to (e.g. ESPN, HBO, or Showtime).

You can also get Comcast service for your digital-ready TV or TiVo device. However, to access some of our digital cable features, including XFINITY On Demand and Pay Per View content, you will need to have a TiVo Premiere (Series 4) device. Other models will not allow you to access those features and you will need a set-top box to do so.

Note: XFINITY On Demand HDTV services require the use of an XFINITY TV set-top box.

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