Support XFINITY TV X1: Closed Captioning


In this article, you can learn how to turn Closed Captioning on or off using the XFINITY on the X1 Entertainment Operating System On-Screen Guide.

Closed Captioning

To access Device Settings:

  1. Using the remote, press the xfinity button.
  2. Highlight Settings (the gear icon) and press OK.
    X1 Main Menu displays with Settings option highlighted.
  3. Highlight Device Settings and press OK.
    Settings menu displays with Device Settings highlighted.
  4. Highlight Closed Captioning.
    Device Settings Menu displays with the Closed Captioning option highlighted.
  5. Press OK to toggle the feature On or Off. If choosing On, then proceed to Closed Captioning Options and select your preferred settings (font size, color and formatting).
    The Closed Captioning Options listing is second from the top, directly beneath the option to toggle Closed Captioning on or off.
  6. If you would like to choose your own font, background and window styling options, select Custom in the Closed Captioning Style field. If you wish to receive the Closed Captioning style chosen by the programmer for easy reading, switch the style to Auto.
    Closed Captioning Options screen: The Closed Captioning Style field is second from the top.
  7. Press Exit when finished.
    The playback controls appear on the bottom of the screen. The Closed Captioning button is seventh from left.
    • Note: While viewing a program, you may tap the down arrow button on your remote to show playback controls, including a shortcut to turn your captions on and off.

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