Support XFINITY TV X1: Manage the Priority of a Program


With the XFINITY on the X1 Entertainment Operating System, you can record up to 4 programs per X1 DVR in your home simultaneously and even watch another program - whether it is a pre-recorded show, a live program or an XFINITY On Demand program.

If there is a scheduling conflict, the recording with the highest priority is recorded. The recordings are prioritized as:

  • More recently scheduled one-time recordings have higher priority than less recently scheduled one-time recordings.
  • Less recently scheduled series recordings have higher priority than more recently scheduled series recording.
  • One-time recordings have higher priority than series recordings.

Manage the Program Priority

  1. Select Saved on the Main Menu.
    Main Menu displays with the prompt to select the Saved Option. There is also an On Demand, Search and Apps option next to it.
  2. Highlight Scheduled and scroll down and select Priority Manager.
    Scheduled Recordings display with option to select Priority Manager.

    Priority Manager displays.
  3. Select a program to modify and press OK.
    Program displays with option to change the priority of the recording.
  4. Use the up or down arrow buttons to change the priority of the program and press OK.
    The second recording in the priority manager is chosen to display as the first priority
  5. Select Confirm to save the changes.
    Option to Confirm your changes displays.
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