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The XFINITY on the X1 Entertainment Operating System On Demand menu is a window into Comcast's vast library of XFINITY On Demand programming. Here's how to find what you're looking for in the X1 On Demand menu.

Find XFINITY On Demand Programming

  1. Press the xfinity button on your remote control.
  2. Use the right arrow or left arrow button to navigate to On Demand, and press the OK button on the remote.
    The On Demand menu is the third option from the left in the main menu.
  3. Use the right arrow or left arrow button to browse through the XFINITY On Demand options at the top of the screen (Featured, Movies, TV, Kids, Networks, etc.).
  4. Highlight an option and press the OK button on the remote.
    Full menu includes Featured, Movies, TV, Kids, Networks, Music, Latino, Streampix, Sports & Fitness, Multicultural, Local, Searchlight, and XFINITY Services.
  5. Use the Page Up and Page Down buttons to browse through the available categories. For example, under the Movies option, browse to view movies that are Just In, All New Movies, movies In Theaters, etc.
  6. Use the right arrow or left arrow button to browse through popular On Demand programs. Or highlight View All and press the OK button to view all available programs in that category.
  7. Press the up arrow to receive a prompt to return to the top of any On Demand menu, then return to the top by pressing Page Up.
  8. To browse within a series:
    • Highlight the series and press the OK button.
    • Highlight Episodes and press OK.
    • Where applicable, highlight a season and press OK.
    • Use the arrow buttons to navigate to a specific episode and press OK.
  9. To view information about a program, use the arrow buttons to highlight the program and press Info or OK.
    The LEGO Movie is highlighted.  When highlighted, the title, price, year the movie was released, and movie review scores display.

    The LEGO Movie information screen, with a description of the movie, its length and movie review scores, and the option to Buy (default option on the left), view Trailer, Favorite, Lock, or Mark Watched.
  10. Press Last to go back to the previous screen.
Note: Programs with a time or date in the right-hand column next to their name are airing at a future date and are not available via XFINITY On Demand. Programs with an XFINITY On Demand symbol in the right-hand column are available via XFINITY On Demand.

You can also access XFINITY On Demand programming through the Search menu. For information on how to search in the X1 guide, see X1: Search Using the Search Bar or X1: Search Using the Remote Keypad.

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