Support XFINITY TV X1: Permanently Delete a Recording


A deleted program resides in the Recently Deleted folder and on the XFINITY on the X1 Entertainment Operating System DVR hard drive taking up space until the disk fills up and the program is automatically deleted or until it is permanently deleted.

Permanently Delete a Recording

  1. Select Saved from the Main Menu.
    Main Menu displays with prompt to select Saved option on the left.
  2. Under Recordings select Recently Deleted.
    Saved recordings menu displays with option to select Recently Deleted folder
  3. Highlight the program to delete and press OK.
    Recently Deleted recordings display, select the recording.
  4. Select Delete Now.
    Recently Deleted recording highlighted with prompt to Delete Now
  5. Choose Permanently Delete to permanently erase the item.
    Option to Permanently Delete recording displays.
  6. The item is removed from the DVR hard drive and is not available to be restored. Note: Items in the Recently Deleted folder may now also be bulk deleted.
     Permanently Deleted message displays, noting you have permanently deleted this recording.
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