Support XFINITY TV X1: Traffic App - Check Local Traffic and Alerts


The Traffic app on the XFINITY on the X1 Entertainment Operating System offers real-time traffic reports and roadway and weather conditions to help plan your trip. Follow these steps to view your local traffic and alerts.

Check Local Traffic and Alerts

  1. Go to the Main menu and select Apps.
    The Apps option is selected on the Main Menu.
  2. Select the Traffic app, you will see a traffic map and the latest alerts for your area.
    This is an image of the Applications screen. The cursor is hovering over an icon for Traffic on the Daily Life tab.

    Traffic locations are displayed and a location is selected.
  3. Use the right and left arrows to select an alert, press OK for more information.
    A list of Alert types (Accident, construction, etc.) is displayed.

    The details of a specific alert are displayed.

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