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Please read below for instructions on how to get started with your new XFINITY Home Control product.

If you have a TouchScreen, click here.

If you do not have an XFINITY Home product or a Hub, please click here.

Getting Started with XFINITY Home Control

Welcome to XFINITY Home Control services! With your XFINITY Home system, you have access to a full suite of home automation features.

On your Subscriber Portal home screen, you can view your cameras, turn your lights on and off, change the temperature of your thermostat, and check the most recent history of your system. But that’s not all.

  • Modes – Select from a variety of modes so you can manage your system to your preference, whether you’re home, away, or on vacation.
  • Rules – Set up rules to turn on your lights when someone walks through your front door. Take a video clip when your garage door opens. Set your thermostat to 72 degrees an hour before you come home from work. All that and more is possible with XFINITY Home Control Rules!
  • History – Check the history of your system to know when events happen in your home. You’re always in Control.
  • Contacts – Set email addresses and/or phone numbers where you can receive email or text alerts of activity in your home.
If you subscribe to our Enhanced Video service, you can set rules to take video clips or pictures with your XFINITY Home camera. These video clips and pictures can be saved on your Subscriber Portal, or sent to a smart phone or email address of your choosing.

If you subscribe to our EcoSaver service, your thermostat will learn your living habits and will automatically adjust itself to your standards. You can make adjustments over time until the system learns what works best for you. Save money and be comfortable with EcoSaver.

Please note that XFINITY Home Control services require an Internet connection and a router with an open Ethernet port. We recommend a minimum broadband speed of 750 kbps upload/download.

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