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Please read below for troubleshooting steps for the Hub for your XFINITY Home - Control product.

If you have a TouchScreen, please see XFINITY Home Support.

If you do not have an XFINITY Home product or a Hub, please see XFINITY Home New Customer Offers.

For troubleshooting the Hub, please view the common problems and possible solutions listed below.

I Need to Activate the Hub

  1. Locate Hub components - Hub, power cable and Ethernet cable
  2. Connect the Cat 5 Ethernet cable provided in the Control SIK from the Hub WAN port to one of the devices listed in the possible scenarios below.
    • Connect into any LAN TCP/IP Connection
    • Connect into any modem via a personal router/Wi-Fi router
    • Connect into the wireless gateway via a personal router/Wi-Fi router
    • Connect into the wireless gateway directly 
    • Note: The Hub must always be hardwired; it cannot be connected over Wi-Fi for connection to the Internet.
  3. Connect the Hub to a power outlet using the supplied power adapter. As the Hub powers up, the colors of the Connectivity and Power LEDs change in the following order:
    • Connectivity: Off
      Power: Green
    • Connectivity: Red
      Power: Green
    • Connectivity: Amber
      Power: Green = Hub is communicating with modem/router
    • Connectivity: Amber (flashing)
      Power: Green = Hub is ready to activate
  4. Visit the XFINITY Home - Control Activation Portal at
    • Log in using your XFINITY username and password.
    • Click Next.
    • The Terms and Conditions screen displays.
    • Select the I accept the terms and conditions check box and click Next.
    • The Welcome Screen displays.
  5. Click Next through the screens.
  6. If your Hub has trouble connecting, it will ask for your Device ID. Enter the MAC ID found on the bottom of your device.
    • Note: It does not matter if you use capital letters or lowercase letters when entering the MAC ID.
  7. When the Hub is verified by the servers:
    • You will be asked to update the firmware on your Hub. Click Yes to proceed.
    • This will take several minutes, but you do not need to monitor this process. Take a break and check back when it is finished.
    • After the firmware has been updated, the Hub reboots and the Hub Activation Is Complete screen displays.
  8. Additional notes:
    • Never disconnect your personal router from your modem/wireless gateway.
    • The XFINITY Home Hub does not have to be connected directly to a modem; however, a Comcast-provided modem has only one Ethernet port. If your XFINITY Home Hub is directly plugged into the modem, you will have no Internet connectivity to access the Control Activation Portal (unless you have a cellular-enabled personal computer).
    • The XFINITY Home Hub can be connected to any LAN connection (including personal Wi-Fi routers).

My Devices Will not Pair with the Hub

  1. Your device sensor is not defaulted to factory settings.
    • Refer to the reset instructions for the individual device.
    • When the device is in pairing mode, follow the pairing instructions found on
  2. Your device may be out of range. Move the device closer to the Hub and try pairing the device again.
  3. The Hub is not in pairing mode.
    • When the Hub is in pairing mode, the Devices LED should be blinking green.
    • Reboot the Hub by unplugging it from the power outlet for 15 seconds and then plugging it back in.
    • Try pairing the device again.
  4. Replace the batteries in the devices that will not pair to ensure there is sufficient power.

Hub Cannot be Found for Activation

  1. Ensure the LED lights on the Hub are displaying correctly for activation:
    • The Power light should be green, and the Connection light should be blinking amber.
    • If the Connection light is red, then there is no Internet connection being provided to the device.
  2. Ensure that the Hub has had enough time to completely boot, obtain an IP address and connect to the server. This may take up to 20 minutes.
  3. Ensure that the Ethernet port has Internet by connecting a computer to the port and attempting to browse.
  4. Ensure that the Ethernet cable is securely plugged into the WAN port and into the router.

Hub is Not Ready for Activation

Reset the Hub by inserting a non-metallic pointed object into the Reset hole for 10 seconds.

Note: This process will unpair all paired devices from the system; all devices will require re-pairing.

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