Support Home Control XFINITY Home - Control - Managing Your Video Clips and Pictures


If you subscribe to our Enhanced Video Monitoring service, please read below for instructions on how to manage video clips and pictures.

If you do not have our XFINITY Home - Control product or a Hub, please visit the XFINITY Home Support page.

Managing Video Clips and Pictures

If you have a camera connected to your XFINITY Home system and have subscribed to our Enhanced Video Monitoring service, you can manage video clips and pictures right from your subscriber portal at

  1. Sign in to the subscriber portal with your XFINITY username and password.
    XFINITY Home Subscriber Portal - login screen
  2. From the Home page, click View Saved Pictures & Videos
    View Saved Pictures and videos is selected on the home page
  3. You have many options on this screen:
    • You can choose to delete any pictures or videos you don't want by clicking on the check-box next to the picture/video, and then clicking on the Delete button.
    • You can download a video clip or picture to your PC. Click the check-box next to the video clip or picture you want to save. Then click Download and select where you would like to save the document. You'll now be able to access your picture or video clip from outside the subscriber portal.
       XFINITY Home Subscriber Portal - Saved Pictures and Videos display

Note: Saving video clips and creating rules that trigger videos require a subscription to Enhanced Video Monitoring for an additional fee.

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