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Please read below for installation instructions and troubleshooting steps for the Thermostat for your XFINITY Home - Control product.

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Thermostat Installation Instructions

XFINITY Home Control - Thermostat Overview diagram

The following instructions are to assist you in connecting this thermostat to your home’s electrical, heating and cooling systems. These instructions do not include pairing your thermostat with your XFINITY Home system. To pair, log in to your activation portal at

Location of Thermostat

If replacing an existing thermostat, use the existing thermostat’s location.  For new installations, follow these suggestions:
  • Locate the thermostat about five feet off of the floor, away from direct sunlight, lamps, radios, televisions, fireplaces, hot water pipes or other heating or cooling sources.
  • Do not locate the thermostat near doors to the outside or windows.
  • Do not locate the thermostat in a damp area.
  • Do not locate the thermostat in an area that lacks air circulation.

Removing Existing Unit

  1. Switch off the electricity to the heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) unit.
  2. Remove the cover to the existing thermostat.
  3. Make a note of the terminal location for each wire connected to the thermostat wiring terminals. Wire colors are not standard so it is important to note the terminal label each wire is connected to on the existing thermostat.
  4. While removing each wire from the existing thermostat wiring terminal, make sure to secure the wire so that it does not fall back into the wall.
  5. Once all wires are removed from the existing thermostat wiring terminal, remove the existing thermostat from the wall.
  6. Make sure to leave at least three inches of wire for each connection onto the thermostat wiring terminal.
  7. Remove 1/8-inch of insulation from the end of each wire.

Installing the Thermostat

This installation requires connecting wiring between your home and the thermostat.

We recommend using the included adhesive labels. As you identify each wire (i.e. Fan, Common, Cool Control), attach the appropriate label to ensure you match the right wire with the proper wire terminal.

For additional assurance, or if you prefer not to perform this task, consult an electrician or licensed HVAC professional.

Place each wire in the appropriate wire terminal. The wiring terminal is labeled as follows:
XFINITY Home - Thermostat wiring terminal diagram (details in text below under "Legend")

  • C: Common
  • Y1: Cool Control/Compressor
  • G: Fan
  • W2: Second Stage Heat or Heat Pump Auxiliary Heat
  • W1/B: Heat Control/Heat Pump Changeover
  • Y2/O: Second Stage Cool Control/Heat Pump Changeover
  • RC: Power from Cooling
  • RH: Power from Heating
  • I1: Auxiliary Input Signal
  • IC: Auxiliary Input Common

If you have separate power for RH and RC then you will need to remove the factory installed jumper between RH and RC.

After you have made the necessary connections and have mounted the new thermostat to the wall, turn on the breakers to your HVAC system.

Configuring the Thermostat

From the factory, the thermostat comes configured to work with single stage Cool/Heat, Single Speed Fan systems.

If your HVAC system is different, refer to the programming section to configure the thermostat for your system.

Entering Programming Mode

Enter programming mode by holding the Fan, Mode and the Up Arrow buttons. The clock display will show "10:00."

Programming Thermostat for a Heat Pump
  1. Enter programming mode.
  2. Press Mode three times and the large display will show "01."  Make sure that the clock shows "11:11."
  3. Press the Up Arrow until the display shows "02."  Then press the Mode button to save your changes.
  4. Tap the Hold button until the thermostat display returns to its normal state.

Programming Thermostat for Gas or Oil Heat
  1. Enter programming mode.
  2. Press the following sequence of buttons: Mode > Mode > Up Arrow > Mode.
  3. The large display will show "01." Make sure that the clock shows "11:21."
  4. Press the Up Arrow until the display shows "02."  Then press the Mode button to save your changes.
  5. Tap the Hold button until the thermostat display returns to its normal state.

Testing Thermostat Operation

  1. After completing any necessary configuration, make sure the thermostat is in Cool mode by pressing the Mode button until Cool is displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Make sure the system is not calling for Cooling by setting the set-point several degrees above the room temperature. Then check the Fan operation by pressing the Fan button. When the Fan indicator is illuminated without the Auto indicator, then air should blow from the unit.
  3. Make sure the Fan mode is in Auto and run the set-point temperature at least several degrees below the room temperature. Give the thermostat at least three minutes to respond.
  4. Change the system mode to Heat. Allow the system at least three minutes to respond. The Heat (flame) mode symbol should illuminate and the system should be blowing hot air.
Note: Professional installation by licensed third party is recommended.

Troubleshooting the Thermostat

For troubleshooting the thermostat, please view the common problems and possible solutions listed below.

Thermostat will not pair with the hub.

  • The thermostat will not automatically be in pairing mode out of the box and needs to be configured before pairing. For configuration and pairing instructions, please visit
  • Ensure the thermostat pairing indicator is displayed by checking if the XFINITY Home Control - Thermostat pairing indicator icon icon on the thermostat is blinking. If it is not, reset the thermostat using the steps below.
    • Gently remove the cover from the thermostat.
    • Press the Hold button down while pressing and releasing the Reset switch located at the top left of the coverless thermostat.
    • Release the Hold button once the temperature appears on the display.
    • Resume pairing by:
      • Going to
      • Clicking on Settings.
      • Clicking on the device you would like to pair.
      • Clicking on Add Thermostat.

My battery did not last as long as expected.

Replace all four batteries with lithium AA batteries or call an electrician or HVAC professional and ask them to connect a power or “C-wire.”

The Thermostat will not turn the HVAC on.

  • Test to make sure power is getting to the thermostat; the fuse may have blown (particularly if it was installed with the power turned on).
  • Ensure the thermostat is wired correctly and the correct wires go to the correct terminals.

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