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Please read below for troubleshooting steps for the Indoor Camera for your XFINITY Home - Control product.

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Troubleshooting Common Problems for the Indoor Camera

My Indoor Camera will not pair with the Hub.

  1. Ensure the Indoor Camera has been powered up for at least three minutes.
  2. Ensure the Indoor Camera is plugged into the LAN port on the Hub.
  3. Follow the reset instructions for the Indoor Camera.

Video from the Indoor Camera cannot be viewed.
  1. Ensure that the Ethernet port has Internet by connecting a computer to the port and attempting to browse.
  2. Using the white pairing cable, temporarily hardwire the camera to the LAN port on the Hub. Determine if video can then be viewed.
Note: If the video can be viewed, then the issue is range or interference.
  • The Indoor Camera may be hardwired permanently
  • The Indoor Camera may be moved closer to the Hub (the maximum distance from the Hub should be less than 25 feet)

My Indoor Camera is taking a long time to pair with the Hub.
The Indoor camera upgrade is part of the pairing process. This process can take over 10 minutes. It is important that you do not attempt to cancel this process, because it may result in the camera becoming unusable.

I was unable to successfully pair my Indoor Camera and need to reset it.
  1. Ensure the Ethernet cable is connected to the Indoor Camera LAN port and the router.
  2. Using a non-metallic, pointed object, press the reset button on the bottom of the Indoor Camera and hold for 30 seconds.
  3. Release the reset button and wait up to three minutes until you see two solid green lights on the front of the Camera.
  4. Resume pairing by going to, clicking on Settings, clicking on the device you would like to pair, and finally clicking on Add Indoor Camera.

How far away from my Hub can I place the Indoor Camera?
The maximum wireless distance from the Hub to the Indoor Camera is 25 feet. If you would like to place your Indoor Camera more than 25 feet from the Hub, an Ethernet cable will need to be run from the Indoor Camera to the Hub. At this time, this can only be done for one Indoor Camera on your Hub.

Can my Indoor Camera be motion activated?
No, at this time Indoor Cameras do not support the motion sensor. They perform a lifestyle function and not a security function.

How do I test that my Indoor Camera is working?
  • Sign in to your XFINITY Home Subscriber Portal at
  • From the Summary Tab of the main page, select Live Video.
  • Using the Subscriber Portal as a guide, adjust the camera as needed.

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