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Please read below for installation instructions and troubleshooting steps for the Light Switch for our XFINITY Home Control product.

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Installation Instructions


Read these instructions before installing switch.

Specifications and Supported Leads

This Dimmer Switch is designed to work as an independent device or as part of a ZigBee HA Network. It mounts in a standard wall box and follows conventional wiring standards. The device can be controlled by other devices in the ZigBee HA Network.
Power: 120 VAC 60Hz
Supported Loads:
  • 120 VAC 800 W Incandescent (Single Gang)
  • 120 VAC 800 W Halogen (Single Gang)

If dimmer is installed in a multi-gang wall box, the device must be derated to 600W.

  • To reduce the risk of serious injury or death, turn power off before installing this product.
  • This product must be grounded in accordance to NEC and local requirements.

Dimmer Switch Installation

  1. Confirm that the intended installation location conforms to the following requirements:
    • Wall box must meet box size requirements specified by the NEC (National Electric Code).
    • Installation will be completed according to national and local codes.
    • The load being controlled by the device does not exceed 800 W.
  2. To avoid serious injury or death, turn off the local electrical power feeding the switch location. To disconnect power turn off the breaker or remove the fuse from the fuse box. Verify that there is no power present using a voltage meter or test light.
  3. If you are replacing an existing switch, note which wires are the Ground, Circuit Feed (Hot), Load (Switch Leg), and Neutral.
  4. Prepare the wires for connection by stripping off the insulation 5/8-in.
  5. Connect the dimmer switch wires using the supplied wire nuts.
    • Connect Green wire from switch to Ground
    • Connect Black wire from switch to Hot Feed
    • Connect White wire from switch to Neutral
    • Connect Red wire from switch to Load
  6. Test all connections. Fold wires and push them neatly into the switch box. Align the Dimmer Switch in the switch box with the air gap switch oriented at the bottom of the Dimmer Switch. Using the supplied screws, secure the Dimmer Switch in the switch box.
  7. Verify that the Air Gap switch is fully pushed in. Then turn On circuit breaker or replace the fuse.
  8. If the Dimmer Switch is installed properly the top LED will blink slowly for 100 seconds signifying that the device is working as an independent local device.
  9. You should now be able to control the load by tapping the button.

If a direct short is created between the Red wire and Ground or Neutral, the Dimmer Switch will be damaged and unusable.

Diagrams from the XFINITY Home Control In-Wall Dimmer Installation Guide

Frequently Asked Questions For Light Switch Installation*

There is no wire in the gang box to attach the neutral wire to

Installation is not supported if there is not a neutral wire in the box. Consult an electrician for the possibility of adding.

There is no grounding wire in the gang box to attach the ground wire to

Installation is not supported if there is not a ground wire in the box. Consult an electrician for the possibility of adding.

Wires do not fit back into the gang box after installed

With the power turned off, press wires in with the back side of a screwdriver.

Alignment issues with faceplate

Unscrew the retention screws and make the appropriate adjustments.

*Professional installation by a licensed third party is recommended.

Troubleshooting Common Problems for the Light Switch

I can’t dim my lights.

Ensure that your light bulbs are actually dimmable. If your lights are dimmable:
  1. Turn them on by tapping the light switch.
  2. After your lights are on, press and hold the top section of your switch - your lights will begin to dim.
  3. Once they are at your preferred brightness, let go of the switch.
  4. To turn your lights back on or off after dimming them, you can tap the switch.

Light flickers when the Light Switch is turned off.

  • If you have a dimmable switch but do not have dimmable lights, replace the bulb with an LED or Incandescent light bulb. Most CFL light bulbs are not dimmable.
  • If you do not have dimmable lights, replace the switch with a non-dimmable switch.

Before pairing with the Hub, Light Switch will not turn light on and off.

  • The Light Switch should function as a normal switch prior to pairing to the Hub. If it does not function, then ensure that it is wired correctly.
  • Ensure the switch is not a three-way (one light can be controlled by two different light switches). Three-way switching is not currently supported.

I need to reset my Light Switch.

  1. If attached, remove the wall plate to expose Light Switch.
  2. Disconnect power by pulling up the air gap switch, a small tab at the bottom of the Switch’s plastic panel.
  3. While depressing the Switch’s top button, press and hold the air gap switch.
  4. After two seconds, the blue LED light will turn on. Release the air gap button.
  5. Resume pairing by going to, clicking on Settings, clicking on the device you would like to pair, and finally clicking on Add Light Switch.

Resetting the Light Switch does not work.

Ensure air gap was fully extended (until it clicks). The air gap is the small tab at the bottom of the Light Switch’s plastic panel.

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