Support XFINITY Home XFINITY Home Fire Monitoring (Houston Only)


General information about XFINITY Home fire monitoring:

Note: This FAQ is for customers in the Houston, Texas, area who purchased XFINITY Home prior to 11/16/11. If you are a customer outside of the Houston, Texas, area or purchased XFINITY Home after November 16, 2011, please click here.

The XFINITY fire monitoring service is included with the XFINITY Home Preferred package. Customers with the XFINITY Home Basic package must upgrade to Preferred in order to take advantage of the fire monitoring service.   Additional hardware (alarm sensors) is required to support the service as well.

XFINITY Home fire monitoring is a secondary fire alert system, which provides the additional security of remote monitoring, keeping your home safe even when you aren't there.  Before we install the XFINITY Home fire monitoring service, the company strongly recommends that you bring your fire and smoke detection system up to the applicable code in the jurisdiction where you live. You understand and agree that you, and not Company, are responsible for choosing the number and location of fire monitoring devices in your home.  Any fire detection system installed or used by Company to provide fire monitoring is a secondary, supplemental system and does not replace the primary system that you are responsible for maintaining in your home.  Do not remove or deactivate the non-Company branded smoke detectors in your home, as they make up your primary system.

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