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Protect your home from fire damage.

What Is Smoke Monitoring?

XFINITY Home Smoke Monitoring is a smoke-detection system that, together with your primary system, is designed to keep your property safe. When an alarm is triggered, our smoke detectors alert the central monitoring station, who will notify appropriate emergency personnel for you, even if you aren't at home.

Before we install the XFINITY Home smoke detectors, you must ensure your existing smoke alarms meet all codes, laws or standards in your jurisdiction, including the code provisions of the National Fire Protection Association. Please contact your local fire department for more information. XFINITY Home Smoke Monitoring is a supplemental system and does not replace the primary system that you're responsible for maintaining in your home. After installation of your XFINITY Home smoke detectors, do not remove or deactivate the existing smoke detectors/smoke alarms in your home, as they make up your primary system.

Smoke Monitoring is available in most areas and locations, but there are some exceptions. Please Contact Us to find out if Smoke Monitoring is available for your home.*

*Note: Smoke Monitoring is not available in Massachusetts and other select municipalities.

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How It Works

Smoke Monitoring is included with your XFINITY Home service when you purchase a smoke detector from Comcast. Smoke detectors are installed by XFINITY Home technicians and communicate with your XFINITY Home system. If an XFINITY Home smoke detector senses smoke, an emergency alarm is sent to our central monitoring station. After one attempt to reach you to verify the alarm**, the central monitoring station will contact emergency personnel. No one has to be home to hear a smoke alarm go off in order for you to get the help you need.

**Note: Unless otherwise required by applicable law.

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How to Get It

Smoke Monitoring is included with the XFINITY Home - Secure service when you purchase a smoke detector from Comcast.

If you have the XFINITY Home Secure service, Contact Us to make sure Smoke Monitoring is available in your municipality. Purchase a smoke detector from Comcast to take advantage of Smoke Monitoring.

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