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Learn how to prevent a false alarm with XFINITY Home.

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False alarms can take first responders away from real emergencies, cost you money in fines from local authorities and create a public nuisance. Keep these tips handy to prevent false alarms with your XFINITY Home system.
The numeral 1 Know your system.
Read the user manual to get comfortable with how your system works. Make sure everyone with a key to your home knows how to use the system properly. If you need another user manual, you can download it at Support

The numeral 2 Keep your contact info current
Provide at least two Call to Verify and two Call to Notify numbers that will be contacted in case of an alarm. You can set up text alerts as well.

The numeral 3 Know your passcode
In the event of an alarm, expect a call from the Central Station. Provide your password so they know it's a false alarm. Make sure everyone in your family knows your password.

4 Keep areas around motion detectors clear 
Keep fans, heaters, plants, curtains, seasonal decorations, etc, away from motion detectors.

The numeral 5 Notify us if something changes  
Contact us if you remodel or think your system is not functioning properly. And tell us when you receive your permit number (where required).

Get started

  • Read your Home Security User Manual to understand how to operate your system. If you need to download your user manual, please go to
  • Hold a training session to make sure that everyone with a key knows how to arm, disarm and cancel the alarm.
  • Choose a passcode that's easy for you to remember, and easy for Central Station to understand.



To set up, change or verify your passcode from your Touch Screen

  1. Press Settings and enter master code.
  2. Click Advanced Settings, located near the bottom of the menu.
  3. Click Central Station Passcode.
  4. Press on the current passcode to change.
  5. Hit clear on the keyboard, type in new passcode, then click done.
  6. Hit Home button.

To set up, change or verify your passcode from your XFINITY Home Web Portal

Go to and open the XFINITY Home Web Portal.
  1. Select the Security tab, then Emergency Dispatch Setup.
  2. Click Unlock to View/Edit Secret Word.
  3. Enter a four-digit Master Code and click OK.
  4. Make edits to your passcode and click Save.

To add or modify phone numbers 

Provide at least two up-to-date Call to Verify and two Call to Notify numbers including your home phone and cell phone::

  1. Go to and open the XFINITY Home Web Portal.
  2. Select the Security tab, then select Emergency Dispatch Setup from drop-down menu.
  3. Click Add Contact.
  4. Click on the pencil under Modify to edit an existing contact.

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