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XFINITY Home - Secure's in-home Touch Screen gives you instant control of your security system, plus fun extras to keep you connected to the world around you. Learn how to add and edit apps via the website and Touch Screen.


  • This FAQ is for XFINITY Home - Secure customers only. If you live in the Houston, Texas, area and purchased XFINITY Home prior to November 16, 2011, please see XFINITY Home for customers in the Houston, Texas area installed before November 16, 2011.
  • Effective July 8, 2015, the Weather app was rebranded The Weather Channel app. This is a branding change only; no updates were made to the app’s functionality. Customers may need to reboot their XFINITY Home Touch Screen for this change to take effect.

Adding Apps via the Touch Screen in XFINITY Home

  1. From the XFINITY Home Web Portal, select APPS to manage.
    Apps is selected on the XFINITY Home Subscriber portal.  It's the last option in the row, on the right-hand side.
    • Note: Not all apps may be available.
  2. To install an app, mouse over the app from the app banner and click Install. The app should not show as installed.
  3. Confirm the addition by clicking Install, or click Cancel to void process.
    • The app is added to the Touch Screen and the XFINITY Home Web Portal.
      An Install option is displayed on the fifth tile from the left

      Buttons to install or cancel an app's installation appear at lower right

Deleting Apps via the Touch Screen in XFINITY Home

  1. To delete an app, mouse over the app and click Delete.
  2. Confirm the deletion by clicking Delete App, or click Cancel to void process.
  3. The app is deleted from the XFINITY Home Web Portal and the Touch Screen.
    Edit and delete options appear on the second app tile in the second row.

Editing Apps via the Touch Screen in XFINITY Home

To edit an app, mouse over the app and click Edit. The app will bring up any configurable fields, which vary for each app.
Edit and delete options appear on the second app tile in the second row.

Note: Not all apps are configurable. When you mouse over the app you will receive a message stating "Can't edit or move" if this option is not allowed. You will need to configure the app from the Touch Screen.
An app that cannot be configured

Setting an App as a Screensaver on Your XFINITY Home Touch Screen

Certain apps can be set as a screensaver on your XFINITY Home Touch Screen. Follow the instructions below to set a Touch Screen screensaver:

  1. On the Home screen, tap Settings and enter your Master Keypad Code.
  2. Tap Touch Screen.
  3. Tap Screensaver Configuration.
  4. Select how long the Touch Screen should be inactive prior to the screensaver appearing. Length of time can be selected in increments of five minutes.
  5. Scroll through and select the app you wish to appear as the screensaver.

Note: The following apps can be configured as a Touch Screen screensaver: Security, device-specific apps (for example, Thermostat, Camera, Lights, or Door Lock, if applicable), The Weather Channel and Clock.

If you do not see one of the above apps as an option to select for your screensaver, follow the steps in this article to delete the app from the Touch Screen and add it back, and the app should now appear when configuring your screensaver.
Settings screen with Screensaver Configuration.

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