Support XFINITY Home XFINITY Home: Managing Your Thermostat from the XFINITY Home Mobile App


Learn how to use the XFINITY Home Mobile app to manage your XFINITY Home Thermostat and keep your home temperature just where you want it.

What You'll Need

  • XFINITY Home - Control or XFINITY Home - Secure
  • Access to the XFINITY Home Mobile app


Managing Your Thermostat

  1. Sign in to the XFINITY Home Mobile app. (See XFINITY Home: Accessing the XFINITY Home Web Portal or Mobile App and Download the XFINITY Home Mobile App for more information.)
  2. On the Overview screen, tap the Thermostat that you want to manage.
    Overview screen with Thermostat temperature at left.
  3. On the Thermostat Details screen, the icon beneath the temperature represents the Thermostat's current mode: Off, Cool or Heat.
    Thermostat Details screen with Heat icon showing just below center.

Want to change the mode? Tap the current mode icon to display icons for the other modes.

Tap the Off icon to turn the Thermostat off.
Off icon

Tap the Cool icon to set the Thermostat to Cool mode.
Cool icon

Tap the Heat icon to set the Thermostat to Heat mode.
Heat icon

Need to change the target temperature? Tap the plus (+) and minus (-) signs, or drag the Temperature icon (the small orange or blue circle) around the circle to your desired temperature.

Want to maintain the current temperature? Next to Hold Temp, tap On to maintain the current temperature and prevent your Thermostat schedule or EcoSaver from changing it. (Keep in mind that holding your home at one temperature can result in higher heating and cooling bills.) Tap Off to reactivate your schedule or EcoSaver.

Want to run the fan? Next to Fan, tap On to have it run continuously, even when your system is not actively heating or cooling. Tap Auto to have the fan run only while the system is heating or cooling.

Want to know more about EcoSaver? To Learn More About EcoSaver and how it can lower your energy bills, or to find out about Adding EcoSaver to Your XFINITY Home Service, tap the EcoSaver leaf in the upper-left corner of the screen.

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