Support XFINITY Home XFINITY Home - Secure: Sending an Emergency Alarm from the Touch Screen


Learn how to use the Emergency button on your XFINITY Home Touch Screen to send an alarm to get help fast in an emergency.

What You’ll Need:

  • XFINITY Home - Secure
  • Access to your XFINITY Home Touch Screen

Using the Emergency Button

  1. Press the red Emergency button at the bottom of the Touch Screen.
    On the Touch Screen the Emergency button is the right-most button in a row of 4 buttons.
  2. On the Emergency screen, tap the panic button for the type of help you need, and hold it for two seconds. Your alarm will sound, and an alert will be sent to the Central Monitoring Station.
    The Emergency button screen has a row with the Fire, Medical and Police Buttons
  3. Once you sound the alarm, the Disable Your System keypad displays. To cancel the alarm, enter your four-digit master keypad code.

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