Support XFINITY Home XFINITY Home for customers in the Houston, Texas area installed before November 16, 2011


These articles are intended for XFINITY Home customers in the Houston, Texas area installed prior to November 16, 2011. Learn about XFINITY Home for customers outside of the Houston, Texas area.

If you do not have our XFINITY Home Secure product or a TouchScreen, please click here.


Set up Entry and Exit Delay:

  • Set the amount of time you have to enter and exit your home with your XFINITY Home system.
  • To set up your entry and exit delay from the Control Panel:
    • Press Enter.
    • Arrow down to System programming and press Enter.
    • Enter Access code and press Enter.
    • Arrow down to Timers and press Enter.

Change the Volume and Settings of Your Home Security System
Find out how to change the various panel volume options (beeps, alarms, key presses, security panel speaker volume).

Arm and Disarm your XFINITY Home System
Learn to get the most from your home security.

Sign in to XFINITY Home's Web and Mobile portals
Follow these easy steps to access both web and mobile portals.

Understand the XFINITY Home System Control Panel and TouchScreen
With the XFINITY Home system, you can stay connected to your home and family whether you're at home or away.

Download the XFINITY Home iPhone app
It's easy to start using the XFINITY Home app—just follow these simple steps to get started:
  • Access the App Store from your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad
  • Search for XFINITY Home.
  • You will be given two options: Houston, TX Only or XFINITY.
Download the XFINITY Home User Manual
Download the XFINITY Home User Manual here.

XFINITY Home Widgets
Learn what XFINITY Home Widgets are and what they can do.

XFINITY Home Availability
Find out who can order XFINITY Home.

General XFINITY Home Information
Learn about the packages available with XFINITY Home.

XFINITY Home Thermostat Qualifications
Find out what you need to add a thermostat to your XFINITY Home service.

XFINITY Home and Lost Power
How does losing power affect your XFINITY Home services?

XFINITY Home Fire Monitoring
General information about XFINITY Home fire monitoring.

Purchasing Additional XFINITY Home Equipment
Add to your peace of mind by adding motion detectors, glass break sensors, smoke detectors and more to your XFINITY Home system.

XFINITY Home Installation and Services Agreement
View the Installation and Services Agreement here.

Preventing False Alarms with XFINITY Home
Take a look at this XFINITY Home guide to help prevent false alarms.

General System Access Information for XFINITY Home
To take certain actions with the TouchScreen, you must enter an access code - find out about system access codes here.

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