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Watch these videos to learn more about your XFINITY Home - Secure system!

If you do not have XFINITY Home - Secure or a Touch Screen, please see XFINITY Home - Control - Video Overviews About your Devices and Systems.

Signing In and Managing Your System

Learn how to sign in to your Web Portal and mobile app to manage your XFINITY Home system.

Pairing and Installing Your Camera

Our weather resistant camera expands your field of view and even lets you see in the dark with night vision. Learn how to pair and install an indoor/outdoor camera to a new or existing XFINITY Home system. You can also learn how to add new devices to a system already installed.

Note: Only one camera may be paired at one time; if you have multiple indoor/outdoor cameras, please repeat this process accordingly.

Obtaining Information on Permits and Licensing

Learn how to obtain information on customer permit requirements and update your Web Portal with this information (if applicable).

Arming and Disarming Your System From Anywhere

Learn about the different arming modes and how to arm and disarm your XFINITY Home system from your Touch Screen, Web Portal and mobile app.

Alerting Contacts in Case of Emergency

Learn how to edit and keep your emergency contacts from your Web Portal.

Cameras and Video Monitoring Alerts

Make sure your kids get home safely or watch live video of your pets when you're not home. Learn how to use your XFINITY Home cameras to monitor your home remotely from your Web Portal or mobile app. If you have Enhanced Video Monitoring service, find out how to set up rules and even take a picture or video clip.

Managing Your Thermostat Settings

Learn how to control your thermostats remotely from your Web Portal or mobile app. Describes the thermostat functions including heat, cool, off, fan and hold options.

Protecting Your Second Home

Second home monitoring is easy with XFINITY Home from your Web Portal or mobile app. Learn how to view live camera feeds, control your thermostat and lights, receive alerts from security devices and much more while you're away.

Managing Keypad Codes From Anywhere

Update your keypad codes on the go. Learn how to manage keypad codes from your Touch Screen or remotely from your Web Portal.

Rules for Alerts and Automation

Get real-time text and email alerts when doors or windows are opened, automate your lights and more. Learn how to manage your XFINITY Home system and devices from your Web Portal with use of Event, Non-Event and Schedule rules.

Managing Your Lights From Anywhere

Automate your lights at a certain time, at sunset, when your front door opens or when an alarm is triggered. Learn how to set up and use Lighting rules.

Pairing Your XFINITY Home - Secure Thermostats

Learn how to pair your thermostats to a new or existing XFINITY Home - Secure system.

Setting Thermostat Schedulers

Learn how to automate your heating and cooling system by setting the thermostat scheduler through your XFINITY Home Web Portal.

Learn how to efficiently set temperatures by time during each day of the week or by setting: Wake, Day, Evening and/or Sleep.

Pairing and Installing Your XFINITY Home - Secure Lighting or Appliance Controller

Learn how to install and pair your Lighting and appliance controllers to a new or existing XFINITY Home - Secure system.

Preventing False Alarms

Learn how to prevent false alarms with your XFINITY Home system.

Regaining Network Connectivity

Learn how to regain network connectivity for your XFINITY Home system.

Replacing the Batteries in your XFINITY Home Devices

Learn how to replace the batteries for your XFINITY Home system devices.

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