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These devices are available with your XFINITY Home - Secure package.

Lighting/Appliance or Outlet Controller

XFINITY Home Secure Light and Appliance Controller
XFINITY Home Outlet Controller

Our Lighting/Appliance Controllers and Outlet Controllers allow you to adjust lights, create an energy-efficient lighting schedule and even turn off your curling iron or coffee pot from an Internet-connected computer, tablet or smartphone. For more details, see XFINITY Home - Secure: Help with Your Lighting/Appliance Controller or Outlet Controller.

Light Switch

XFINITY Home Secure Light Switch

Our Light Switches allow you to remotely control your lights and create an energy efficient lighting schedule. For more details, see XFINITY Home - Secure - Help With Your Light Switch.

Key Fob

XFINITY Home Secure Key Fob

Our Key Fob allows you to quickly and conveniently arm, disarm and check the status of your security system. For more details, see XFINITY Home - Secure Key Fob.

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