Support XFINITY Home XFINITY Home - Secure: Fixing Trouble Messages


Learn what to do when a trouble message appears on your XFINITY Home Touch Screen or Web Portal.

Did you get a communication from us saying that your XFINITY Home - Secure system is offline? If so, please see XFINITY Home Touch Screen Has Lost Its Network Connection.

What You'll Need?

  • XFINITY Home - Secure
  • Access to your XFINITY Home Touch Screen and other XFINITY Home system devices

Fixing a Trouble Message

What the Trouble Messages Mean

System trouble messages appear in the upper-right corner of your Touch Screen and your Web Portal when:

  • There is a connectivity (cellular, broadband, etc.) or power problem with the Touch Screen.
  • A sensor is inoperable (for example, due to a battery failure).
  • A sensor has been tampered with (such as the cover being opened).

Here’s what they mean:

No cellular signal
Trouble message: " Communications to the system are lost." (No cellular signal.)

No WiFi signal
Trouble message: "Communications to the system are lost." (No WiFi signal.)

No connectivity
Trouble message: "Communications to the system are lost." (No connectivity.)

No broadband or cellular connectivity
Trouble message: "Action Required: Lost Network Connection." (No broadband or cellular connectivity.)

Power failure
Trouble message: "Alert - Power Failure."

Critical sensor failure
Trouble message: "Alert - Sensor Failure."

Multiple troubles
Trouble message: "Alert - Multiple Troubles."

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Is There an Outage?

First things first. The problem might not be with your system. Before you try any fixes, check if there’s a service outage in your area. (See How to Check for a Comcast Service Outage.)

Did You Know? Your Touch Screen has a battery backup, so you'll stay connected even in a power outage. However, if your cable service is out, your high-speed Internet service will also be out, which will affect your XFINITY Home system. You’ll still be protected, but you won’t be able to view feeds from your cameras or control your system from the Web Portal or XFINITY Home Mobile app.

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Check the Power and Connections

  • Make sure all devices are plugged in to working power outlets that are not controlled by a light switch.
  • Make sure that all power cords are securely connected to the devices.
  • Make sure a fuse hasn’t blown.
  • Check that all modem/router/gateway connections are secure.
  • Confirm that your account is up to date, as late payments can cause an interruption of service.
  • Make sure your computer can connect to the Internet. If it can’t:
    • If you recently installed software, make sure the installation was completed successfully.
    • If you’ve recently changed or upgraded your firewall and/or antivirus software, disable them. If this resolves the issue, contact the software manufacturer.

If none of these steps resolves the issue, see XFINITY Home Touch Screen Has Lost Its Network Connection for instructions on how to reset your cable modem.

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Get More Help

If you’re still having trouble, see XFINITY Home - Secure: Help With Your Devices for information on where to get help for the specific devices in your system.

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