Support XFINITY Internet Anti-Phishing Services in the Comcast Toolbar


Comcast’s Toolbar provides you with an extra layer of protection from phishing scams.

Our anti-phishing service provides the following safety-status indicators:

Small icon of a check mark in a green box  Informs you that the site has been verified and isn’t on a list of unsafe sites.
Small icon of a question mark Suggests that you take caution while visiting the site, especially when prompted to enter private or personal information. Additional information about this rating is included in the site report.
Small icon of an exclamation pointin a red box Blocks initial access to the site and informs you that the site is considered potentially unsafe by the anti-phishing service. You may be at risk for identity theft or financial fraud. You have the option to override this protection and proceed 
Small icon of a clock  Site Verdict lookup is currently in progress; an assessment should be returned within 1-5 seconds. 
Small icon of a check mark in a white box  Reminds you that the site was previously approved for visiting and placed on your whitelist, or list of approved sites.
Small icon of an exclamation pointin a black box  The site is blocked and you’re reminded that this site has not been approved for visiting. 

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