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Viruses and other kinds of malware slow your computer down and leave your private information vulnerable. Here’s how to protect your computer.


To keep your computer healthy, it’s important to be aware of viruses and other malware that could slow performance, access your private information, and even delete files and programs.

Malware is a harmful form of software that is used to send spam, host a phishing site, or steal your identity by monitoring your keystrokes without your knowledge. While there are several different types of malware, they can often be prevented with the same simple steps.

Here are some ways to make your computer better protected.

Install Norton Security Suite

Norton Security Suite is one of the most widely used computer protection programs. With Norton, you get protection from a wide range of viruses, worms, and other malware that could harm your network devices.

Norton Security Suite will also perform regular scans for viruses, worms, and bots and immediately remove any malware detected on your computer.

Norton Security Suite is included in Constant Guard by XFINITY. Constant Guard is a free, comprehensive security service available for download here, or as a standalone download.

Scan for Spyware

Spyware is a kind of program that is installed on your computer without your knowledge and sends your private information to an outside party. Comcast recommends users regularly check their system for spyware.

Find out how to schedule regular scans on your computer.

Set Up a Firewall

A firewall controls the data that goes in and out of your network and provides an extra layer of security from viruses. Using a firewall:

  • Protects your personal information by barricading your hard drive from worms, hackers and more.
  • Records potentially hostile Internet traffic and alerts you — useful when reporting security problems.
  • Monitors Internet and network activity, and controls application access to the Internet.

You can set up a firewall through your computer or with your Wireless Gateway 1 (Model Numbers TG852G, TG862G, SMCD3DNV, or TC8305C) or Wireless Gateway 2 (Model Number DPC3939).

Find out how to set up a firewall.

If you do end up with a virus on your computer or laptop, look here for instructions on how to identify and remove it. You can also find out more ways to keep your computer healthy.

Browser Toolbar for Internet Explorer

If you’re an Internet Explorer user, check out our browser toolbar. It includes a pop-up blocker, anti-spyware, and anti-phishing software that can prevent future viruses.

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