Support XFINITY Internet Configure MAC OS X 10.6.x Connection Settings With Your XFINITY Internet


Follow these easy steps to get started.

  1. From the Apple icon menu, select Location then Network Preferences.

    Apple icon menu, with "Location" and then "Network Preferences" selected
  2. In the Network window, select Ethernet.

    Ethernet Connected icon

    Network screen with location set to "Automatic," configure IPv4 set to "Using DHCP", and "Advanced" selected
    • Confirm that location is set to Automatic.
    • Confirm that Configure IPv4 is set to Using DHCP. (The IP Address, Subnet Mask, etc. will populate once the connection has been established.)
    • Click Apply (if needed).
    • Click the Advanced button to open a new window for additional settings.

      "Advanced" button
    • Next, click the TCP/IP tab, and confirm that Configure IPv4 is set to Using DHCP.

      Ethernet page with Cinfigure IPv4 set to "Using DHCP" and TCP/IP selected
    • Then click the Ethernet tab.

      Ethernet page with "Ethernet" tab selected
    • Confirm that Configure is set to Automatically.

      Configure set to "Automatically."
    • Click OK to save settings
  3. Close the Network window to complete the changes.

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