Support XFINITY Internet Configure Wireless Clients for a Netgear WNR1000


Here’s help with your Windows XP Netgear WNR1000 setup.

How It Works

If you’re a Windows XP user, let us help you with your Netgear WNR1000 wireless router set-up. We’ll have you surfing, emailing and wirelessly sharing your Internet connection in no time. Just follow the steps below. You may also use the wireless configuration utility that comes with your card.

  1. Open the Control Panel from the Start menu and select Network and Internet Connections.
 Windows XP - Control Panel -"Network and Internet Connections" selected
  1. Right-click Wireless Network Connection and choose Properties.
Windows XP - Wireless Network Connections Window - Properties selected
  1. Click on the Wireless Networks tab and if unchecked, check the box for Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings. Click OK.
Windows XP - Wireless Network Connections Window Properties page - Wireless Networks tab
  1. Right-click on Wireless Network Connection and select View Available Wireless Networks.
Windows XP - Wireless Network Connections Window - "View Available Wireless Networks"  selected
  1. Select your network from the list of available wireless networks and click Connect.
Windows XP - available wirless networks list
  1. If you're connecting to a secured wireless network, you’ll be asked for a Network key. Type the Network key (if you are using WEP security, make sure you’re typing the network key, not the Passphrase) and click Connect. 

Windows XP - Wireless Network Connection - fields to enter and confirm Network key

  1. Your network list should now display your connection status. If you’re connected and your router is set up for Internet access, you’re ready to connect wirelessly to the Internet.
Windows XP - available wirless networks list - connected to one of the available network



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