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On February 25, 2013, the Center for Copyright Information (CCI) launched a new program called the Copyright Alert System (CAS) after years of preparation. This program is designed to educate Internet consumers about ways to properly access and share copyrighted content like music, TV shows and movies online. Copyright law protects all sorts of content, including digital content available online. Major Internet Service Providers, record labels and movie and TV studios have joined the non-profit Center for Copyright Information to let consumers know when copyrighted content appears to have been improperly shared, provide support to identify possible sources or causes of the activity and help to keep it from happening again.

Here's how it works:

Content companies routinely monitor online activity to see if their content is being improperly used or shared. If the company that owns the content observes activity indicating that it appears to have been uploaded or downloaded improperly, the content owner can note the IP address and Internet Service Provider (ISP) that issued that IP address to one of its subscribers. They cannot identify the individual involved. The content owner can then send a notice to the Internet Service Provider that controls the IP address. The Internet Service Provider will then identify the account holder using the IP address and in Comcast's case, send an in-browser alert and email to that customer’s primary email address. Other Internet Service Providers use different technologies to alert their customers. The alert will contain information about the content owner’s notice and may require customers to acknowledge their Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service obligations.
Comcast is a member of the Center for Copyright Information, along with other major Internet Service Providers and content creation companies. Comcast has worked with the Center for Copyright Information  to develop an implementation of the Copyright Alert System to help our customers understand how copyright law works online and avoid accusations of improper sharing over peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. We want our customers to find appropriate ways to access and share the content they want. Comcast launched the Copyright Alert System on February 27, 2013. We’ve worked with the Center for Copyright Information and outside experts in privacy, education and consumer rights to design the Copyright Alert System in a way that will safeguard our customers’ privacy and ensure we don’t share any personal customer information under this system with anyone (unless we receive legal process such as a court order or your express permission to do so). Besides the programs and movies available to Comcast subscribers through XFINITY TV, we also have worked with the Center for Copyright Information to develop extensive lists of third party resources for obtaining movies, TV shows and music in a variety of formats for streaming or download conveniently and at a wide range of prices.

Additionally, the Copyright Alert System will provide our customers with the opportunity to challenge a copyright owner's notice with an independent reviewer if a customer believes the alert was sent in error. Click on the links to learn more about Comcast's Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service obligations.

Copyright Alert System (CAS) Frequently Asked Questions

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