Support XFINITY Internet If Your Internet Service Seems Slow


We offer multiple speed tiers, each with a range of speeds. To experience speeds on the higher end of your tier, try following our tips.

When you upgrade your speed tier, you may experience speeds faster than your plan allows for at first. So when you start getting your provisioned speeds, it may seem like you’re getting slower Internet speeds.

Speed Boosting Tips

  • If the speeds are on the low side of your speed tier, power cycle your modem. For information on how to do this, see Reset Your Cable Modem or XFINITY Internet & Voice Modem.
  • If this doesn't result in an increase in speed, check to see which type of modem you have. Some modems weren't designed to take advantage of our new speeds, and you may need to upgrade to a new one. Take a look at our Comcast Approved Modem List to see if your modem is certified for our network.
  • Then check out some of our other suggestions for getting the most from your XFINITY Internet service. See Improve Your Wireless Gateway Home Network for details.

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