Support XFINITY Internet Once enrolled, will I be alerted when I am approaching or exceed 5 GB of data?


This information only applies to Economy Plus customers in Huntsville and Mobile, Alabama; Fresno, California; Atlanta, Augusta and Savannah, Georgia; Central Kentucky; Maine; Jackson, Mississippi; Knoxville and Memphis, Tennessee; and Charleston, South Carolina who choose to participate in the Flexible-Data Option.

Note: This information does not apply to customers in Nashville, Tennessee or Tucson, Arizona.

Yes. An email notification will be sent to your primary Comcast email address and you will see an in-browser notification when you have used 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% and 100% of the 5 GB of data included in this monthly option. When you have used 100% of the 5 GB of data included in this monthly option, Comcast will also call you to inform you that you have reached 100% of the 5 GB of data included in your monthly Flexible-Data Option. Also, when you have used 110% and 125% of your data, another in-browser and email notification will be sent.

You can also elect to receive mobile text notification when you near or exceed your usage plan.

  1. In Users & Preferences, select Text next to Data Usage Threshold.
    Text box is selected in Data Usage Threshold row.
  2. You will receive an email once you have enrolled to receive text messages.
    Email message confirms changes in Comcast Alerts preferences.

Note: If you exceed multiple data usage plan thresholds in one hour, you will only receive one notification for the highest amount used (e.g., if you exceed 50% and 60% of your plan in one hour, you will receive only the 60% notification).

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