Support XFINITY Internet Modify Text Size in Internet Explorer 8


This document provides the steps to follow to modify the size of text in Internet Explorer 8.

Modify Text Size in Internet Explorer 8

Follow the steps below to modify text size and not override a website's settings or modify text size and also override a website's settings. .

  1. At the top of the browser, select Page, then click Text size, and choose the desired size.
    Note: Some websites specifiy text size. This setting will not override the website settings.
    On the Page tab, Text Size is selected and the option to pick the largest text is highlighted.
  2. To change the text size and override a website's settings:
    • Click the Tools icon, and select Internet Options.
    • On the General tab, click Fonts, and change the setting, then click OK.
    • Under Accessibility, check Ignore font sizes specified on web pages, and click OK, then OK again.

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