Support XFINITY Internet Performance Benefits of 802.11n Technology


In order to experience the full performance power of your Wireless Gateway 1 (Model Numbers TG852G, TG862G, SMCD3DNV, TC8305C) or Wireless Gateway 2 (Model Number DPC3939), a complete 802.11n network is recommended.

Wireless Gateway and 802.11n Technology

The Wireless Gateway 1 (Model Numbers TG852G, TG862G, SMCD3DNV, TC8305C) and Wireless Gateway 2 (Model Number DPC3939) use the latest wireless 802.11n technology to provide you with the fastest connection, and are backward-compatible with older technology like wireless 802.11 b/g. So even older computers and laptops can connect to your network through your wireless gateway.

However, with an older 802.11 b/g client card, you’ll only see moderate speed improvement when upgrading to a wireless gateway. You can only experience the substantial performance improvements of range and throughput that come with a wireless gateway when only 802.11n clients are used.

When supporting 802.11 b/g devices, your wireless gateway must operate in Mixed Mode. However, even in a mixed network, you'll enjoy better WiFi performance with a wireless gateway.

To experience the full power of your wireless gateway, Comcast recommends upgrading to a complete 802.11n network in which all devices use the most advanced form of WiFi technology.

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