Support XFINITY Internet Publish Personal Webpages Using FrontPage 2003


Note: Effective October 8, 2015, the Personal Web Page service will no longer be available. Please retrieve all content currently saved on your site before October 8, 2015, to avoid permanently losing your files and information. The ability to activate this feature has been disabled for new customers and customers who have not already activated their Personal Web Page.

To Publish with FrontPage 2003

FrontPage 2003 is an editing program used to create webpages. Simply create your own pages in FrontPage and then upload (publish) them to the web. Follow the steps below when you’re ready to publish.

Step 1

Select File, and then scroll down and select Publish Site.
File Tab - Select Publish Site

Step 2

On the Remote Website Properties screen, select the FrontPage Server or Sharepoint Services radio button. Under the Remote Website location tab, enter: (replace USERNAME with your actual Comcast ID.
Remote Website Properties - Select FrontPage Server or Sharepoint Service and enter

Step 3

Enter your Comcast ID when prompted. Publish the website from local to remote and the FrontPage site files will then be transferred to the web server

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