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What to do if you think your computer has been “hacked.”

Protect Yourself

One way to protect yourself from hackers is to use firewall software. Most firewall software applications produce reports that indicate if someone is trying to hack into your computer.

If you feel someone is trying to "hack" into your computer based on firewall reports, you should:

  1. Cut and paste the firewall logs (including the offending Comcast IP address) into an email and send it to and include the words, "Firewall Investigation" in the subject line.
  2. Don’t send the firewall logs as an attachment. We can’t process mail messages sent with an attachment.
  3. Contact local authorities if there’s any damage involved.

If you need help determining the Internet Service Provider responsible for the offending IP address, you can go to the American Registry for Internet Numbers and look up what ISP owns the address you suspect of “hacking” you. Entering the IP address will return the information of the responsible party.

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