Support XFINITY Internet Secondary Comcast ID removed


Here’s the help you need to manage secondary Comcast IDs.

About deletions of secondary Comcast IDs

We are currently optimizing our email platform so that it is fast, reliable and effective for all of our customers. As part of this effort, we're removing email boxes that have not been used in over a year. Keeping your email box active is easy – simply log in to your email every few months, and we’ll know you want to keep using it.

Which email boxes are affected?

Only your secondary email box(es) can be affected. You have one primary Comcast ID and email box. Any others you have created are considered secondary. Your primary email box is listed as Username – primary in My Account. Secondary accounts are labeled as Username – Unrestricted or Username – Restricted.

If you no longer want or need your email box, you can delete your user name.

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