Support XFINITY Internet Set up a scheduled spyware scan


Setting up a regular spyware scan is a great way to keep your computer free of harmful viruses.

To schedule a spyware scan

  1. Open the Spyware Scan from the Comcast Toolbar.
  2. Click the Scan tab.
  3. In the Scan tab, you have the option to select a Daily Scan or a Weekly Scan. If you choose to schedule a Daily Scan, you’ll choose a time of day for the scan to run. If you choose a Weekly scan, you’ll choose the day of the week that you’d like the scan to run. If you don’t select a scan schedule, a Daily Scan will be run by default. 
  4. Choose the type of scan you’d like to have run: Quick Scan, Full System Scan, or a Custom Scan
  5. Once you’ve made your selections, click Save Changes and your spyware scans will run based on the schedule you’ve selected. You’ll see a message when the scheduled spyware scan starts and ends. 

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